Who’s Hoo?

Hoo is a boutique design studio servicing the design needs of Townsville and surrounding areas. Having said that it also has clients in Melbourne and Brisbane and is more than happy to work with customers further a field. Hoo’s founder and creative director, Carita Waite, has extensive industry experience and is looking to take on clients who would like to improve the identity of their company or sustain their existing brand.

Hoo Creative’s services include but are not limited to; logos & corporate identity, signage, press adverts, branded promotional products, websites, stationery, presentation folders, newsletters, invitations, forms, manuals, point of sale and promotional displays and extensive experience formatting large documents including; annual reports, company prospectuses, economic reports & overviews.

 Why Hoo?

At Hoo Creative you will be met with a creative and efficient approach to your graphic design requirements. You will find the passion and dedication of its founder, Carita Waite, an asset in your quest to sustaining an effective business identity. Hoo Creative is focused not only on creative solutions, but developing effective design solutions that work. With 7 years industry experience Carita will be able to develop or simply sustain a business identity that’s unique to you, allowing you to stand out in your chosen marketplace, improving current customer’s impressions and ideally attracting new clients.

What’s the big hoo ha about,

why is graphic design important?

Coupled with a strong business model and product/service, effective graphic design is a powerful tool in conveying the right message to your potential and current customers, both externally and internally (staff). Graphic design includes the layout and design of printed collateral, product branding, point of sales collateral, signage, promotional and advertising media as well as ever increasing digital mediums such as websites and online advertising.

 Effective graphic design can


Be functional: Allowing information to be accessed by an audience in a clear, concise and user-friendly manner.

Strenthen your image: Adding solidity and a sense of identity to your company. Ensuring it stands out, is memorable and sends a re-assuring message.

Build an identity: Increasing your businesses visability and distiguishing it from its competitors. Ensuring potential and current customers perceive your business in the right light.

Send a clear message: Through effective and consistent design a business can position itself as corporate, industrial or trendy (a few examples) without having to verbally express this ethos.

Inform and educate: Enabling clientelle to make informed and educated decisions about the service and/or product a business sells.